North Carolina Paranormal Society

North Carolina Paranormal Society

Welcome to the North Carolina Paranormal Society

Founded in May of 2009, the North Carolina Paranormal Society has over 30 combined years of paranormal experiences to pull from. Our focus in any investigation is eliminate all “normal” possibilities or occurrences, and only be left with the “paranormal”. We investigate historical, business and residential locations.

We are an eclectic group of paranormal enthusiasts consisting of believers, skeptics, historians, tech geeks, and sensitives. With all of our knowledge and experience, we’ve got all the bases covered during our investigations.

We believe that there is too much unexplained phenomenon out there to say there’s no continuation of some kind after death. We try to capture that evidence to share with the world!


Check out what we have currently scheduled and our past investigations.

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We will post some of our best evidence from various investigations. You will be able to review and judge for yourself.

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Check out the many pieces of equipment we use during our investigations.

Check out our equipment!


Check out our new Pursuing Paranormal Podcast! We will be answering questions, sharing our experiences, and more!

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