We will post some of our best evidence from various investigations. You will be able to review and judge for yourself. Listen to our full collection of audio evidence on Soundcloud and our full collection of video evidence on YouTube.


Private Residence

Coats, NC | September 12, 2015 These are some of the best EVPs that we captured.

This is a evp captured using one of our audio recorders.

You will hear “Ouija” then a few radio sweeps then “Board.”

This was the second question asked that we received the “Ouija” answer.

After the question, you will hear “Bev….er….ly” over several sweeps.

After the question you will hear “Your Soul” at the end.

After the question you will hear “Take” then a few radio sweeps “Life.”

After the question, you will hear “Chris and Leon.”

After one of our team members provokes the spirit, you will hear “That was funny” at the end.

Private Residence

Siler City, NC | September 5, 2015 These are some of the best EVPs that we captured using our Spirit Box.

When asked what color the light was on our K2 meter you will hear “It’s……Green.”

After the question is asked, you will hear “I’m here.”

Unbeknownst to us, there was a suicide by gun. This was told to us by the client once we concluded the investigation and played it back.

The client told us at the end of the investigation that the person’s name that committed suicide was Ron.

Does a suicide, murder or other tragic event cause a portal to open? Perhaps it does.

After the question is asked, you will hear “goodnight” at the end.

Korner’s Folly

Kernersville, NC This “Peek-A-Boo” was captured by a static recorder left in the meeting room at Korner’s Folly. No members where present in the room.

Ferry Plantation

Virginia Beach, VA | May 9, 2015  These were captured during our return visit to the Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach, VA on May 9, 2015. This place is always active and never fails to produce evidence of some kind. One of our favorite places to investigate.

Henry’s Room – Whistle

Living Room – Meow or Woman’s Voice

Meeting Room – 3 Knocks & Growl

SB-7 Spirit Box Session – Spirits

May Memorial Library

Burlington, NC | September 7, 2013  These were captured during our investigation of the May Memorial Library in Burlington, NC.

Fiction Section – Reverb Sound

Basement – “No”

Attic – “Thank You”

Attic – Question then noises

Attic – “Right Here”

Attic – Question then loud noise

Attic – Question then noise

Attic – Movement

Attic – Growl/Whistle

Basement – Question/Response

Ferry Plantation

Virginia Beach, VA | June 18, 2011  This was captured during our investigation of the Ferry Plantation in Virginia Beach, VA.  After not getting a lot on the recorders at first, something happened and a spirit directly communicated with our group for over an hour. This was the first time something like this was recorded during one of our investigations and to this day, leaves us speechless.


Private Residence

Greensboro, NC | June 2, 2018 In the clips below, we captured several interactions with spirits using a SLS camera system that a guest investigator shared with us on this investigation.

In this clip, an investigator asks the spirit to touch his hand then give him a hug. You will see the spirit slowly reach up to give him a ghostly hug.

In this clip, the spirit holds the hand of one of our investigators.

Private Residence

Stem, NC | November 9, 2012 In the clip below, you will see an orb that will pass from left to right. There is a small black EMF pump on the right hand side on the step. The orb will travel left to right then stop briefly over the EMF pump then disappear.

USS North Carolina

Wilmington, NC | January 28, 2011  North Carolina’s historic battleship. We discovered what appears to be a full shadow figure on the lower deck of the Battleship USS North Carolina on January 28, 2011. Can you spot the shadow?

Private Plantation

Durham, NC | March 12, 2011  100+ acres of an old plantation house, slave quarters, cemetery, and more. In the clip below, the back door to the plantation was caught on IR DVR camera closing twice. The first time was when we announced that we were going to go outside for a break. After that, the door closed. When we arrived downstairs, we noticed the door had closed and the sound heard earlier must have been the door closing. We tried to debunk this but there was no wind around the door and it is really old and hard to close without some force. We went outside for our break and a few moments later the door closed again.