During our investigations we use the following equipment:


Camcorders with IR Illuminators

camcordersSony MiniDV with NightShot

Sony MiniDVD with NightShot

Sony HardDrive with NightShot

Sony HD MiniDV with NightShot

HD POV Full Spectrum Glasses

Advanced 1080p HD Infrared Nightvision / Full Spectrum Camcorder

DVR System

Lorex DVR SystemLorex 1tb DVR with 8 HD day/night IR cameras

DVR SystemQ-See 500gb DVR with 8 day/night IR cameras

Digital Voice Recorders

RecordersMultiple brand Voice Recorders

Tascam DR-07 MKII

EMF Detectors

EMF DetectorsK2 Meters

Digital EMF Meter

SEM (Simple Energy Meter)

Mel Meters

2 REM Pods/1 with Temp

EMF Vortex Pump/ION Detector

EM PumpsModitronic Paracorder 667

EMF pump with ION detector

Moditronic EVP booster with dual EMF pumps

Rotating EM pump

Motion Sensors

Motion SensorsMotion Sensors

Green Laser Grids

Shadow Detector

Digital Thermometers

ThermometersGun type non-contact IR

Extech IR301 IR & stem

Non-contact pocket & ambient temp

ITC Devices (Instrumental TransCommunication)

ITC Devices“Shack Hack”¬†Radio Shack Model 12-587

P-SB7 ITC Spirit Box