Are ghosts real?

Theories suggest that ghosts are real… they also suggest they are not real. We believe there is “something” out there, but we aren’t 100% convinced “what” yet. We have been on many investigations where there suggest possibilities of ghosts. Strangely enough, we have also encountered inhuman beings.   Do you believe in...

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What Happens after we Die?

Paranormal investigator groups have many goals but the most important one is to find out, via scientific methods, what happens to us when we die. So, what do you think happens after we die?  Here’s what scientists...

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What to Expect if you are Seeking an Investigation from NCPS

So… you have unexplained “events” occurring in your house, business or around you and you’re looking for help. NCPS is here to provide that help.

The first thing you should be doing, if not doing so already, is recording the events in a journal. Please include as much detail as you can, such as time and date, location of event, who was there to witness the event, etc. This will help us determine what is occurring during the consultation and if warranted, a full investigation.

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