The Team

Active Members

Beth - Founder and Director

BethWith her first memorable paranormal experience at age 9, Beth began diving into the paranormal. Asking questions and talking about “ghost stories” with friends, she learned more about people’s reactions and the possibilities that are out there. Having experienced all types of paranormal “hauntings”, Beth brings an ease to explaining events or occurrences. Beth’s leadership and investigation skills help to make investigations go smoothly.

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Durham, NC

Chris - Lead Investigator

ChrisChris has always had an interest in the paranormal and metaphysical since a young age. He joined NCPS back in late 2010 but took a hiatus to explore his spiritual path; learning the healing arts such as Reiki and becoming an ordained interfaith priest in the Order of Melchizedek. He will be bringing those new talents to the field of paranormal investigating. If you want to learn more about what Chris does, visit:

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Durham, NC

Leah - Investigator

LeahLeah has had experiences from a young age. She joined up with NCPS to dig deeper into the paranormal and find possible answers. During her first investigation she was able to experience an apparition and describe in detail things that none of the rest of the group had known about a sailor. Another member later verified the details and it was in fact accurate. After this experience Leah has been exploring these “skills” and learning so much about the paranormal. She brings humor and some enlightenment to investigations. She also helps as the NCPS office manager and case management.

First NCPS Investigation: USS North Carolina, Wilmington, NC

Johan - Investigator

JohanBorn and raised in Reykjavik, Iceland until the age of 8, Johan grew up in a spiritual household. Having unexplained experiences as a child he couldn’t understand, Johan started exploring information, possible explanations, gifts, scenarios, etc. His family history made small light of the occurrences giving way to possible “healing” qualities within the family. Johan met a mutual friend who put him in contact with NCPS. Suddenly his “gifts” didn’t seem so strange and he had comrades. He brings an open mind and skepticism to the table on investigations. He is exploring all aspects of the paranormal and is enjoying learning new things. As and Investigator in training, he is able to learn all of the scientific approaches to the paranormal field, as well as being to share personal experiences.

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Wake Forest, NC

Marshall - Investigator

MarshallMarshall has always had an interest in the technology realm of paranormal investigations. From SB7 Spirit boxes, to the simple methods of gaining EVPs, he has a niche for thinking of new ways to get credible information and to answer the riddles about the other side. It was this interest that drew him to becoming a member of NCPS and more inquisitive about the unknown. He has never dismissed the idea that there is something out there, but he always kept an eye to assist in explaining the mystery of what maybe going bump in the night. After having unusual experiences while visiting Cassadaga and St. Augustine, FL during his college years, Marshall is determined to find out the truth to what has always intrigued him for a long time.

First NCPS Investigation: Mebane Public Library, Mebane, NC

Leon - Investigator

LeonLeon was born and raised in NC. He has always known that things were around him that others could not see, even if he did not understand why at an early age. He has continued to pursue these empathic talents and has been seeking out other people that deal with the unknown, especially in the paranormal field. He’s had several personal encounters over the course of his life ranging from recent passing of friends’ family members, to pets that to seem to be drawn to his light. He also uses spirit energy as a Reiki and Munay-Ki practitioner to help him stay grounded and protected while dealing with outside spiritual and elemental forces.

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Durham, NC

Diana - Investigator


DianaDiana has had an interest in the paranormal for most of her life.  She has experienced some things that she has not been able to rationalize.  She feels drawn to, and enjoys exploration of such experiences.  Finding other people who have also experienced things they cannot explain has been interesting and enlightening to her.  She believes a person’s religion, faith, spirituality or a combination of these can make that person more sensitive to paranormal activity.  She enjoys investigating with the team and learning what team members experience from each investigation.  She also enjoys how technology can capture the investigation so it can be preserved for others to experience.

First NCPS Investigation: Mebane Public Library, Mebane, NC


Reserve Members

Brian - Chief Investigator

BrianBrian is our resident history buff. His knowledge of history and interest with nature only add to his skills as an investigator. Our scientific “debunk”-er, Brian looks for common explanations or causes to reports of paranormal events.

First NCPS Investigation: Ferry Plantation House, Virginia Beach, VA

Gordon - Lead Investigator

GordonHaving several personal experiences, Gordon brings an inquisitive mind to paranormal investigation. His technical knowledge and ideas for new equipment, and equipment placement, push the limits of investigating a little further. We have caught some really good footage and EVPs from equipment placement alone. Gordon’s drive and mind-set definitely make investigations worthwhile.

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Durham, NC

Ted - Lead Investigator

TedTed has always known there was something more than the physical world around us. He’s had several experiences that have pushed him to know more about what’s happening around us that we don’t see. Ted grew up near an Native American burial ground, and has been to places where he feels something trying to connect with him on a spiritual level. He’s a sensitive person and has always been quick to pick up “vibes”. With having a background in education, Ted is a good communicator with both physical and spiritual beings.

First NCPS Investigation: USS North Carolina, Wilmington, NC

Michelle - Investigator

MichelleMichelle grew up in a history-filled family where trips to old forts were more frequent than trips to the beach. She has always had a fascination with the paranormal side of that history. After years of going on various ‘ghost tours’ through southern cities, as well as the famous Edinburgh Vaults in Scotland, she jumped at the chance to join NCPS to explore the less theatrical side of paranormal investigation.

First NCPS Investigation: Private Residence, Sanford, NC

Mark - Investigator

MarkMark is the resident skeptic of the group. He raises questions and searches for “plain sight” answers. Mark’s approach to investigations and evidence review leave us truly with only the paranormal. Mark’s debunking skills have truly been an asset to the group. In his own words, he is “along for the ride”. NCPS is proud to have such a skeptic with us.


First NCPS Investigation: USS North Carolina, Wilmington, NC

Allison - Investigator

AllisonAllison spent much of her childhood and adolescence traveling to historic locations. This naturally led to a curiosity about who, and what, still remained. She devoured countless books about the paranormal. She had her first paranormal experience in college, while living in an apartment where, she later found out, there had been a documented suicide. Her background and interest in history helps with fact-checking and research.

First NCPS Investigation: Ferry Plantation House, Virginia Beach, VA